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Cornish Pilot Gig rowing is a vibrant traditional sport with a competitive racing scene. We are a friendly rowing community of 69 clubs and over 5000 members. Our community of coastal and inland clubs extends from Porthgain in the west of Wales, to the Isles of Scilly in the far south west and the River Thames in the east.

Newquay Ladies Final

Newquay Ladies Final

The Cornish Pilot Gig is a 32 foot long, six-oared rowing boat traditionally used for pilotage, harbour work and as lifeboats. All the Cornish Pilot Gigs built today follow the lines of the gig ‘Treffry’ built in 1838 and are speedy, seaworthy vessels, even in lively sea conditions.

Cornish Pilot Gig racing is a colourful spectacle and there are over 25 regattas each year. There are six rowers and a coxswain in each crew and their success relies upon the skill of the coxswain plus the ability of the rowers to pull together under pressure, a combination of oarmanship and fitness.

The Cornish Pilot Gig Association is the governing body for the sport and we uphold the specification and heritage of the Cornish Pilot Gig. We work with our clubs and wider community to maintain the traditional spirit of the sport alongside modern safety and welfare standards. We are proud of our sport and are delighted that Cornish Pilot Gig rowing is being enjoyed by so many people across the British Isles and overseas.